"The tree I had in the garden as a child, my beech tree, I used to climb up there and spend hours.   I took my homework up there, my books, I went up there if I was sad, and it just felt very good to be up there among the green leaves and the birds and the sky."

Jane Goodall

"When you have shot one bird flying, you have shot all birds flying."

Ernest Hemingway



  1. A Beginner's Guide to Birdwatching for Couch Potatoes:  This useful website for birdlovers even has a birdwatching resource for kids!  Submitted by Trent S.  Thanks, Trent for this useful link!
  2. Advice from Wildlife: Lovely Shirts, mugs and more featuring Advice from Wildlife. All proceeds benefit Citizens for the Preservation of Wildlife.
  3. All About Birds
  4. Allandoo Pheasantry Breeders of ornamental and rare pheasants in Southwest Scotland.
  5. Birdwatching Guide for the Whole Family - Beginners guide to birdwatching
  6. Canada Geese and Other Feathery Friends - Steggie blogs about her friends, the Canada geese.  Enjoy her photography and videos, too.
  7. Canada Goose Hall of Shame This website displays the cruel actions taken by various communities against Canada geese.
  8. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

  9. Citizens for the Preservation of Wildlife
  10. Coalition against Duck Shooting  This organization has made great strides in educating the Australian public against duck hunting. They have scored major victories with the banning of duck hunting in West Australia and NSW in 1990 and 1995. The recreational shooting of native water birds has been banned in Western Australia (1990), New South Wales (1995) and in Queensland (2005).    
  11. Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting 
  12. The FeatherSite The Poultry Pages.
  13. The Goose's Mother & Father

  14. Homeowner's Guide to Birdwatching from your Backyard
  15. Maria's Duck Tales

  16. Mary Beth Stowe's Birding Pages
  17. Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary Inc.   

  18. Scott's Anti-Hunting Blog
  19. We Luv Canada Geese Haven and Marselienna created this website to show their love and appreciation for Canada geese.


1.     Save Our Monarchs


  1. All-Creatures.Org
  2. Canada Goose Hall of Shame This website displays the cruel actions taken by various communities against Canada geese.
  3. Coalition against Duck Shooting
  4. Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting
  5. Empty Cages Collective
  6. God's Creatures Ministry Lighting the way in the Kingdom of God by promoting compassion for all animals.
  7. Scott's Anti-Hunting Blog
  8. Voice for Animals


  1. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue

  2. Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group
  3. Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary Inc.

  4. Medina Raptor Center





  1. Addiction Resource - Raises awareness about the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free
  2. Blue Lily Crafts - my niece from Perth, Western Australia, loves crafting and sells her creations on Etsy.
  3. Blue Lily Crafts on Instagram
  4. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Pets?
  5. Don's Music Page
  6. MORTIS Photography: For gorgeous nature photography
  7. HOME SAFETY GUIDE FOR PET OWNERS:  Pet Safety Guide includes chapters on common household hazards for pets, food safety for pets, pet-proofing, and natural disaster preparation for pet owners.
  8. Pet-Friendly Patio and Balcony Ideas  
  9. Pet Safety in the Car - Driving with Dogs 101:  How to keep your dog safe and happy in the car.
  10. Pets and Renters Insurance:  Why You Need It.
  11. The Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption